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Mass Mailing. is offering reengineering & migration services to the companies. New technologies are appearing bringing new opportunities into seemingly perfect technologies. We offer Product Reengineering services to upgrade current products to a new platform, architecture, OS and/or language. That's why once developed program can't be a panacea for all time. We provide end-to-end solutions for seamless migration right from planning, installing, and verifying, to customizing, testing, data migration and support. The new economy has put increased demands on businesses. Technology is changing rapidly, as is consumers' tastes, needs and desires. Competition has become intense and thus you need to become more efficient at all processes.

To succeed in today's dynamic business environment, companies are recognizing the need to migrate from old legacy systems to latest technologies with a well defined methodology, framework and set of tools our approach favors delivering small but frequent delivery of converted functionality instead of a Big Bang approach. This migration not only reduces development cycle times and costs of maintenance but also increases access to critical data and improves software architecture, ensuring increased scalability, reliability and user interface. Based on multiple factors (source environment, target environment, budget constraints), we select the most efficient tool for data and or program.
  Our reengineering & migration services following categories:  
  Re-engineering/Migration of applications in the same platform  
  Technology migration - Enterprises migrate application to corporate standards. For high-tech companies we offer migration of products from older legacy technologies to newer open technologies to ensure integration with other tools.  
  Migration of databases, data servers  
  OS migration – We help migration of products from older operating systems to newer operating systems.  
  Re-engineering/Migration of applications across platforms & technologies  
  Advantages of Re-engineering Migration:  
  Allows creating new technical infrastructure that maximizes benefits.  
  Allows companies to establish the desired outcome irrespective of the number of programs or data files.  
Most companies will prefer to migrate over a long period of time, rather than overnight, in order to ensure minimal interruption of business.
  Our business-savvy approach to use case analysis facilitates recognition of your internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats. We use this knowledge to identify productivity gains through reengineering projects.  
  To learn more about our reengineering and innovative technology deployment services, contact us today!  
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