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  Content management system (CMS) software, implemented as a web application, for creating and managing HTML content. It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents and their associated images)

. A Web Content Management Systems facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and essential Web maintenance functions also CMS is meant to ease the process of adding and modifying new content to a webpage. The pages content are stored in database, not in the file server, content management system (CMS) is as diverse as all the people creating them, but at the very core of a CMS is the concept of separating Website layout and design from content.

A Content Management System ( CMS ) is used to add, edit, and delete content on a website. For a small website, such as this, adding and deleting a page manually is fairly simple. But for a large website with lots of pages like a news website adding a page manually without a content management system can be a headache. A web publishing management system reduces time-to-publish, allowing you to get content published faster. This is an important issue for the modern organization. The quicker you get key content published, the more value and emphasis it creates. A wide range of content can be published using the system.
  Web publishing CMS system: is not talking about just the textual matter. That hardly encompasses the entire range of content. What about the rest of it? The pictures, graphics, Flash presentations, audio, products, videos, animation, archives of emails, and the works; all these comprise of the ‘content’ of your website. It can be an enormous task to actually manage this content on your own.  
  The elements of Content Management System & web publishing CMS system:  
Content Editors (Decide what content to publish and where)
Change template color scheme of flash template provided
Simple pages for normal presentation
Change background and texts
Complex pages, with specific layout and presentation
Give you complete production level web site
Dynamic information sourced from databases and will change on regular time intervals
Insert custom images
Online manual
General business documents
Insert and create content pages
Thousands of pages in total for different categories of customers
Extensive linking between pages
Develop complete production level web site
  At the company level, Content management systems (CMS) store and manage an organization electronic document and Web content so that the employee of the company can reuse the information across different applications. The web published content can also be distributed to customers and business partners outside the organization. The core application of the CMS is to manages content during its entire lifecycle i.e. from creation through publishing. All of this without the hassle of having to call a web designer every time you want to add content to your website. Using these content management system/administrative tools, updating content items such as press releases, news, copy changes and price changes will be made easy and cost free. With the above do-it-yourself option, you can manage the contents of your website on your own. can then act as your web design & development firm to take care of bigger changes such as linking or re-setup the navigation, aesthetic changes or application enhancement.  
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